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Elemental and vibrant! the words which reveal India that has everything conjured into it. The invasions, the Maharajas, the saints, the enchanters and not to forget the myths and glory of the Gods with more than 1000 scriptures written around it.\\r\\n\\r\\nCreating that enticing pull the beauty unfolds in ever so wonderful ways. The world’s biggest democracy has all kinds of exotic architecture, religions and languages, the beautiful landscape which has the mountain ranges running all around, the captivating woods with lush green beauty, the never ending desert and the beautiful beaches surrounding the country that spellbound you.\\r\\n\\r\\nSurround yourself with ‘Eternal love’ when you visit India’s treasured ‘Taj Mahal’, one of the seven wonders of the world. Soak in the sparkling, shining and glowing beaches at Goa or head down south to experience the timeless beauty of the palm fringed beaches along with undulating hills and the serenity of the pristine backwaters of Kerala.\\r\\n\\r\\nIndia is home to some of the biggest names in the global corporate world like Tatas, Wipro, Infosys, Mahindras, Birlas, Reliance, United Breweries. Known to be one of the biggest economies, you get to see paupers and millionaires going hand in hand. With the country having the most number of IT literates, doctors, scientists, researchers and Noble Prize awardees you still see people earning name and fame with necromancy and parrot’s reading your fate.\\r\\n\\r\\nThere are some countries, once visited, get into your soul and have that indelible imprint on your mind and heart that won\\\'t fade away ever and India is one such place-\\r\\n\\r\\nI - INCREDIBLE\\r\\nN - NOVEL\\r\\nD - DIFFICULT TO DESCRIBE\\r\\nI - ICON OF WORLD\\r\\nA - ALLURING\\r\\n\\r\\nPut a \\\'spring\\\' in your step and a ‘smile’ on your face with our fabulous offers to rediscover India by simply logging into our website for \\\'Affordable Airfares and Memorable Tour Packages\\\' or e-mail our customer support centre at

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