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Ad Details

Date Posted2012-09-05
TitleLakshmi Narayan Guest House, Kolkata

Lakshmi Narayan Guest House is the brainchild Mr. Jayanta Bose.\\r\\n\\r\\nMr. Bose has been involved in business with the engineering stream since 1965. He was the inventor of the first ever gas lighter in India with a German collaboration. Later on he diversified his business into engineering material supplies, like the conveyer , ropeway and other material handling equipments.\\r\\n\\r\\nDuring the prolonged success period in the above mentioned stream, Mr. Bose often came across to meet people, either in his business sector or friends, relatives, who are not actually the city dwellers but are frequent comers, facing temporary residential problems. Hotels may be too out of the way to reach to the business or social meets or local guesthouses may not give all the comforts one is looking for. \\r\\n\\r\\nBuilding a suitable and comforting guest house came to his mind to overcome these hindrances and thus \\\"Lakshmi Narayan Guest House\\\" saw the light of life. Today he is the proud owner of a luxurious, comfortable state of the art guest house providing elite services to its customers.\\r\\n\\r\\nThe Lakshmi Narayan Art Gallery:\\r\\nThe oil paintings, sketches, pen n\\\' ink paintings being the major feature of the Lakshmi Narayan Art Gallery, are the handworks of Mrs. Bose, wife of Mr. Jayanta Bose, founder, Lakshmi Narayan guest house. \\r\\n\\r\\nMrs. Bose graduated from the Government Art College and has experience in all forms of arts, which involved colours and pallets. After taking the responsibilities of a perfect housewife and mother for more than thirty years, her son Mr. Partha Sarathi Bose inspired her to take the brushes in her hand once again. These are some of her creations, taking an intense place in the Lakshmi Narayan Art Gallery. \\r\\n\\r\\nLakshmi Narayan Guest House\\r\\nP 596 CIT Scheme XLVII\\r\\n(Crossing of Hindustan Park and Purna Das Rd - South Calcutta)\\r\\nCalcutta: 700 029, West Bengal, India\\r\\nPhone: +91.33.2464.7386\\r\\n

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